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Welcome to my Kraft Korner on the web! When not spending time with my awesome husband or working, I love to settle into my craft room & make cards, gifts and home projects. I am going to get caught up on my scrapbooks one of these days too but right now, I am too addicted to making ANYTHING with vinyl. Thanks for stopping by - come again!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kitchen Light Block

I made this reversible light today for our kitchen. I am using purple lights now but I may change to white at a later time to make it easier to see.


  1. Where did you find the cook on your never trust a skinny cook?? Would you be willing to share if so my email is kermetta3167@yahoo.com
    I love your blog

  2. That is awesome!! I am going to have to start delving into vinyl and these cool blocks. I can tell. They are calling me...

  3. Kami
    This is so cute and how true is that saying. I love it